💡How to issue token

Script protocol supports converting inscriptions into tokens and can realize the function of issuing tokens.Liquidity can be added in oortswap after the token is issued

1.Deploy inscription

Deploy a token named TEST with a total supply of 100000000.

2.Mint and Generate Token

Mint can only be done by setting a whitelist during deployment. First add the whitelist, then mint, and finally generate a token.

3.Wrap to Token

Convert your inscription to ORC20 Token 1:1

4.Add token into metamask

Add TEST tokens to your wallet balance

5.Add liquidity to OORTSwap

Enter https://app.oortswap.com/#/add/OORT

Add TEST tokens to swap and add liquidity.

6.Swap TEST token

Enter https://app.oortswap.com/#/swap and swap

Ok, your token has been issued, I hope it can help you.

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